Crypto Mining Made Easy

Mintage is a collaborative crypto mining platform that brings cryptocurrency enthusiasts together to mine the most current and profitable coin available each week. Pooling our resources weekly provides Mintage miners competitive access to new mining opportunities.

Mintage Offers:

  • Low Cost Entry into Effective Crypto Mining Pools
  • Advanced Mining System that Mines the Right Coin at the Perfect Time
  • User Friendly Platform for Purchasing Crypto Mining Contracts
  • Personal Reporting--Weekly Earnings, Working Units, Current Values, etc.

New Buckets Offered Weekly

To maximize our cryptocurrency success, Mintage acquires mining capacity in advance to ensure availability and reliability. Our mining amount, or “bucket”, is released weekly so your contracts can be optimized immediately.

Mining with Best Power Available

We do the work so you don’t have to. Having a strong hash power increases the rate we solve code operations. Each week, our Advanced Proprietary Mining AI evaluates the current cryptocurrency market and strategically picks the best coin to mine. Learn More!

Get Paid Weekly!

All cryptocurrency payouts are carefully calculated and distributed to your Mintage account each week. The amount deposited comes from what was mined during the previous week. Unlike other mining pools, Mintage deposits can be withdrawn immediately OR you can use those earnings to repurchase new bucket contracts. Each bucket contract lasts 52 weeks.

Mintage Mining In Action

Payout Statistics

USD Paid per Unit

Hashpower Statistics

Accumulated Total Hashpower

Hashpower Allocation

Current bucket


For this bucket we will be allocating hashpower as follows:

  • 14% SHA-256
  • 35% SCRYPT
  • 31% ETHASH

Time Remaining



This weeks bucket is 47% full.
189,635 units have been purchased of 400,000 available.
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You can withdraw your weekly payout to a wallet address you specify or you can elect to purchase more mining units in the next available bucket.